Naomi Loren was born on an ancient laptop in one of the science buildings at my university in 2016, from a desire to live life a little more fully.

I've always been kind of slutty and intensely curious about the world, including the world of escorting. I ended up really liking it, so here we are.

What else is important? I grew up in the forest more than I did the city; my first kiss was inside a barn with the starlight idyllically shining through the cracks in the wood. I guess I've grown into a cosmopolitan young woman, and I can make a cosmopolitan (which is relatively useless to me, as I don't drink, but I will do it for you).

I'm erudite, but I love to joke and fuck around. 

I think most people are a little weird, which is fortunate, because I'm drawn to people who are a little weird.