an introduction

Hi there.

My name is Naomi, and I'm a Montreal-based university student from the West Coast. While I can be a little demure at first, under the surface I’m a passionate little minx who craves new discoveries, and my sharp wit and wry sense of humour tend to put strangers at ease. I adore making a genuine connection in my time with people, be our dynamic brief and ephemeral or one borne of familiarity. I delight in providing you with an escape from the demands of routine and bearing witness to your innermost fantasies, feelings and desires.

Casual elegance is my strong suit; I'm just as comfortable curled up in bed as I am accompanying you to a restaurant or performance. I'd describe myself as laid-back and extremely nonjudgmental. I'm a terrible liar, so I tend to value authenticity and open communication. Some of my pastimes include reading in bed, biking in the forest, hot yoga, and going to the dog park.

People tend to appreciate my classic and natural beauty: smooth, pale skin, a light dusting of freckles, silky chocolate brown hair, long-lashed green eyes. At 5'7" with toned cyclist legs and soft curves, my disposition is likely to remind you of the shy, hard to get barista with a wild edge (and secret proclivity for Agent Provocateur). 

I invite you to explore my website, and if the desire strikes, contact me for a sensual, real and unforgettable moment.